Episode #027 - Get Good at Pivoting with Katy Oliveira

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Katy Oliveira spent years in higher education organizations where she discovered a true love for teaching as a professor. She worked her way into an administrative roll, spending 15 years in academic success at large public institutes and private liberal arts universities.  After reaching the pinnacle of her career, she no longer had the ability to be creative in that space.  That’s the time Katy decide to start her own podcast and business.  Now through her own vision quest she teaches young adults how to create the framework for their life and going for it. Katy encourages resourcefulness and getting good at pivoting.  This conversation is great for any stage of your personal and professional endeavor.


  1. You are not a one hit wonder, you are going to try different things over the course of your life, the trick is to get good at pivoting.

  2. You can blend your passions and curiosity into something that makes you unique.

  3. We don’t have to fill up every hour of our day. If every minute of your day isn’t accounted for, it doesn’t mean you’re lazy.

  4. Freedom is connected to the idea of not having to work for other people.

  5. Having someone that’s enrolled in your vision can play a huge part in your success.  Have a business bestie.


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (you know how I feel about this one, it’s one of my faves!)
You are a Badass by Jen Sincero
A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

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Additional resource, Katy’s business bestie-Phyllis Brasenell
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