Episode #007 - Dealing With Your Critics

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This was an overwhelming episode to record and publish.  The exact thing I talk about in this episode had me struggling to get it done.  But I did it, I overcame what others might think and I hit publish.  The struggle is real, for everyone. 

Through this episode I explain why it’s not as easy as saying “just get over it-who cares what people think”.  If it were that easy, then you’d already be moving forward and not worrying about what others might think.  In this episode I provide tools to help you move past the thought of others.  It takes practice and you might not ever master it, but at least you can begin to move forward and create momentum.


  1. We have a human brain that is equipped to have worry about fitting in or not fitting in; it’s primal.

  2. You must get in tune with yourself and notice when other’s opinions stop you in your tracks.

  3. Maybe after several messy steps these people you worry about will actually commend you for your courage. 

  4. Trying things is the only way to grow yourself, expand your mind and get out of your comfort zone. 

  5. When you feel paralyzed by other’s opinions, start to think of someone that is doing what you want to be doing, the person you gain inspiration from and imagine if they never stared.


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Fletcher Marron