Episode #008 - Mess Things Up

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A topic near and dear to my heart­­ - maybe because I am so good at messing things up.  I don’t mean messing things up where it’s damaging to your bank account or other people; I mean letting go of perfection.  There is no such thing as a perfect outcome.  We should all be trying to mess more things up because that’s when we learn.

In this episode I share the best way to use failure as feedback.  I give real life examples so you can relate them to your own life.  Through this episode, you will gain insight into those times you mess things up and begin to understand the valuable lessons being shown to you. 


  1. It’s ok if something isn’t perfect, in fact that something will never be perfect. 

  2. Failure is a metric, a measurable outcome that happens when you try things.

  3. Every single day our resilience is tested and the more you can appreciate your failures, the better you will get at using them to your advantage. 

  4. Next time you find yourself fearful of messing up, think back to something you do in your everyday life that you didn’t always know how to do…everything. 

  5. Don’t believe everything you think, unless it’s good then believe that!


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Fletcher Marron