Episode #004 - When An Idea Strikes!

Episode 004 When An Idea Strikes!.jpg


How do you move an idea forward or how do you even determine if an idea is worth moving forward?  In this episode I go over three simple steps implement when you have an idea. It’s impossible to move forward with every idea you have, that’s why it’s important to be able to filter through your ideas.


  1. When an idea strikes, ask yourself if you could work on this idea even if you made zero dollars for the first year or two.

  2. Sometimes you won’t know the answer until you dive in, sometimes you’re just going to have to dive in.

  3. It’s important to get your ideas on paper and out of your head, this way you can start organizing your thoughts on the idea.

  4. You don’t have to have thousands of Facebook friends or Instagram followers to get feedback from the marketplace.

  5. Use free resources to help determine if your idea is worth moving forward and determining if there is a market for it.


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