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Who am I to start a podcast?

Good question. So good that I asked myself this same question, a lot. After 18 years of exploring various career paths, hoping to find more fulfillment and do more of what energizes me, I decided to stop conforming to society norms. I made the leap from a steady paycheck, leaving my corporate job to explore what lights me up. I began to lean into curiosity (pun intended) and quickly realized I had to start a podcast.

Once I looked inward to discover what energizes me, I began listening to that whisper, also known as my intuition. This led me down the path of entrepreneurship where I found a true passion for exploring ideas, getting out of my own way and taking imperfect, messy action to power through my limiting beliefs.

It’s become my mission to help others explore ideas and have fun taking risks. It’s not as scary as we make it out to be. Whether you want to pursue your passion full time, start a YouTube channel, sell your artwork on Etsy or fly to Costa Rica for yoga teacher training, it’s time you lean into curiosity.

Through exploring ideas and taking action, I’ve become a project manager in the health and wellness space, a plant-based chef, a clothing designer and most recently, the real deal podcast creator and host of Lean Into Curiosity.


A podcast dedicated to helping curious and creative women get out of their own way by asking questions, exploring curiosity and taking messy, imperfect action to move ideas forward.

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Why a podcast?

Another good question. Do you ever listen to successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders or coaches, but when you’re done listening you still feel lost or overwhelmed? Are you still searching for the next step, or heck, even the first step to take? Me too! I was seeking real life advice from people just a few steps ahead of me. Essentially, I was on the hunt for a pep talk from people that seemed more relatable than someone making millions of dollars, having five published books or 800k Instagram followers. I wanted to hear from real life people sharing practical tools I could implement into my life now. As the curious person I am, I went looking for this kind of podcast. I couldn’t find it, so I created it.

How can Lean Into Curiosity help you?

Lean Into Curiosity is a topic based show and a collaborative podcast where I interview like-minded, creative women who got out of their own way and continue to explore curiosity, take messy, imperfect action and move their ideas forward. Right alongside me, these women share practical tools you can begin to implement immediately. We will transparently share insight, what worked, what didn’t and what we’re learning along the way.

The intention with this podcast is to help others stop conforming to the society norms, thinking you need to pick one idea, have one passion and master one thing. I encourage trying things and learning how to move on from those things when they no longer serve you. It’s a win, win for everyone!


Are you curious?

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