Lean Into Curiosity
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Welcome to
Lean Into Curiosity.

A podcast dedicated to helping curious and creative women get out of their own way by asking questions, exploring curiosity and taking messy, imperfect action to move ideas forward. 

If you’re looking to grow professionally or personally and you’re inspired by successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders, but still searching for that real life advice from people just a few steps ahead, then this podcast is for you! 

This show will help you get curious so you can power through your fears and have fun taking risks. Whether that’s quitting your job to pursue your passion full time, writing your first blog post or starting a YouTube channel, it’s time you lean into curiosity.

Lean Into Curiosity will not only give you motivation, but practical tools so you can start exploring what lights you up!  I don’t have it all figured out (does anyone really?) and that’s what’s going make this so fun, we’re going to learn and grow together.


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